The WWE Network’s Twitter account announced Steve Austin’s Broken skull sessions with the WWE Hall of Fame, Kevin Nash is scheduled to air tomorrow on Peacock / WWE Network.

The show was originally scheduled to air last Sunday as part of WWE’s nWo Week, but was suddenly pulled. As noted, WWE was looking for a stronger intro for the recently delayed shows (WWE Icons: Lex Luger being one of them), like a PPV weekend.

This had also been previously reported due to changes in strategy and the rollout of original content to the network, as the service adjusts to its new place in the WWE hierarchy under the TV department.

With the merging of departments into each other – part of the recent corporate restructuring – there was a pre-established schedule that needed to be rolled out, and with so many people being placed in new roles, and those people in need. to learn the ropes, there were some growing pains.

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