January 6, 2022
  • January 6, 2022

Vital Statistics: Wayne marriages, divorces

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Marriage licenses

Wayne County

Brandon TB Patterson, 27, 243 Goodview Ave., Akron, crew member, and Lauren N. Horner, 27, 4485 Cleveland Road, pizza initiate.

James A. Murray, 27, 4300 Mechanicsburg Road, Wooster, tow motor operator, and Erica N. Chupp, 30, 2340 Cardinal Court, Apt. E, Wooster, receptionist.

Benjamin A. Wenger, 37, 440 K St. NO, apt. 218, Washington, DC, deputy assistant deputy manager, and Jennifer D. Pleska, 35, same address, senior business analyst.

Michael AD Ray, 22, 729 Beall Ave., Wooster, N / A, and Brianna N. Lunsford, 24, same address, Wooster, N / A.

Jacob D. Hochstetler, 24, 2453 Dalton Fox Lake Road, Dalton, sales representative, and Hannah E. Hodgdon, 22, 1011 N. Main St., Orrville, housekeeper.

Kevin R. Yoder, 24, 7651 Buss Road, Apple Creek, construction, and Kaitlyn R. Schlabach, 24, 12711 Cunningham Road, Apple Creek, housewife.

Christopher L. Hockenberry, 20, 1801, rue Gasche, apt. E32, Wooster, AST 2, and Hannah RM Graham, 20, same address, N / A.

Collin M. Brake, 19, 15000 Warwick Road, Marshallville, software developer, and Marisa A. Hartzler, 25, 34 N. Main St., Marshallville, baker.

Brandon M. Wolford, 25, 406 S. Vine St., Orrville, Machine Operator, and Courtney GC Bowman, 25, same address, Certified Behavior Technician.

Benjamin H. Rubinstein Jr., 28, 400 Lake St., Orrville, law enforcement, and Rachel A. Harlock, 28, same address, nurse practitioner.

Marcus A. Mast, 24, 6178 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg. woodworking, and Mary J. Miller, 21, 12379 Salt Creek Road, Fredericksburg, housewife.

Joshua L. Ogurchak, 30, 4778 Mel Lane, Wooster, engineer, and Sarah J. Lucas, 31, same address, social worker.

Cameron JM Knight, 27, 919 Hostetler Road, Lot 31, Orrville, mechanic, and Jessica E. Armbrust, 27, same address, Orrville, STNA.

Emanuel R. Troyer, 24, 10197 Harrison Road, Apple Creek, construction, and Ruby I. Burkholder, 23, 13757 Saltcreek Road, Apple Creek, housewife.

Craig W. Dudte, 40, 581 Emerick St., Wooster, self-employed, and Audrionna R. Pullins, 29, same address, legal secretary.

Mason J. Armstrong, 27, 310 Valley View Drive, Wooster, construction, and Stazia L. Webb, 25, same address, Wooster, physician.

Matthew C. Stewart, 22, 3817 Mollane St. NW, Massillon, auditor, and Caitlyn A. Huth, 22, 331 Edgewood Drive, Dalton, RN.

Zachary J. Leeson, 30, 656 Oak Hill Road, Wooster, Truck Driver, and Alexandria M. Shores, 30, same address, N / A.

Paul C. Mercer III, 32, 8 W. Market St., Marshallville, Truck Owner / Operator, and Allison R. Gresser, 28, 7585 Akron Road, Sterling, Accounting Analyst.

Dustin L. Boulton, 41, 18803 Church Road, Dalton, pipe welder, and Christy L. Weller, 43, same address, unemployed.

Drew M. Hostetler, 21, 4132 S. Kansas Road, Apple Creek, sales, and Alexis B. Weaver, 21, 2324 Dunham Lane, Fredericksburg, coffee roaster.

Gabriella E. Benoit, 29, 4 Carpenter Blvd., Marshallville, mason, and Allison N. Gibson, 28, same address, Marshallville, mason.

Chad E. Acker, 45, 5115 Millbrook Road, Wooster, farming partner, and Breanna E. Haury, 29, same address, store manager.

Dakota PM Rapp, 25, 654 Callowhill St., Wooster, pruner, and Shelby J. Petit, 27, same address, caregiver.

Alexander D. Smith, 26, 6230 Wadsworth Road, Orrville, restaurant manager, and Sylvia C. Criss, 29, 821 S. Vine St., Orrville, pet hotel manager.

Joshua R. Leach, 39, 792 N. Portage St., Doylestown, personal trainer, and Brooke N. Petit, 39, same address, receptionist.


Keoudone Sibounheuang, 4243 Forrer St., Orrville, and Pnou Sibounheuang, same address. They married in 1967.

Karrie M. Torres, 4368 Fox Lake Road, Smithville, and David E. Torres, 4400 Melrose Drive, Lot 151, Wooster. They got married in 2013.

Dianna L. Mendias, 1361 Frank Drive, Wooster, and John V. Mendias Jr., 450 N. Grant St., Wooster. They got married in 2019.

Patricia Hendrix, 328 Prospect St., Wooster, and Todd Hendrix, 4428 Wile Road, Wooster. They married in 1997.

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