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  • Sunil Jakhar has a ‘Capt Saab’ twist on Channi’s government lack of publicity on Indira Gandhi’s death anniversary

Sunil Jakhar has a ‘Capt Saab’ twist on Channi’s government lack of publicity on Indira Gandhi’s death anniversary

By on October 31, 2021 0

Punjab Congress leader Sunil Jakhar on Sunday denounced the government led by Charanjit Singh Channi for failing to publish any advertising in remembrance of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the occasion of his death anniversary.

Marking a government advertisement released last year under the Congressional government led by Amarinder Singh on this occasion, Jakhar wrote: in Punjab… I know Capt Saab (as Singh is known) won’t mind using this PB Govt announcement from last year, as none appeared today.

In another post on the microblogging site, Jakhar apparently linked Jagdish Tytler’s appointment as a permanent guest to Delhi’s new congressional executive committee and questioned whether the government’s decision not to publish any ad to remember Indira had something to do with this.

“Or is it a case of ‘once burnt twice shy’ – in light of a certain date two days ago?” Jakhar posted.

Tytler was one of the main defendants in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi. Gandhi was assassinated on October 31, 1984 by two of his own security guards.

Opposition parties, including the BJP and SAD, in Punjab have targeted the Channi-led government over Tytler’s appointment.

On Saturday, BJP chief Tarun Chugh asked Channi and Congressional State Unit chief Navjot Singh Sidhu to clarify whether they approve of Tytler’s appointment as a standing guest on the committee.

“Tytler has been named as one of the top congressional leaders in Delhi, but he, Kamal Nath and Sajjan Kumar continue to be the blue-eyed boys of the party despite their role in the riots against the Sikhs still been pointed out by many witnesses, ”Chugh said.

SAD chief Daljit Singh Cheema wanted Channi to explain to the Punjabis why he had given his “consent” to Tytler’s appointment to a “prestigious” congressional panel.

Jakhar had made a cryptic comment three days ago when Channi visited the national capital and AAP and Delhi chief CM Arvind Kejriwal visited Punjab.

“CM from Punjab to Delhi, CM from Delhi to Punjab, once again! I have to say that at least one of them has the right timing, ”Jakhar tweeted. Kejriwal responded with a smile icon

Before Congress promoted Channi to the top post, Jakhar was among the top candidates after Singh resigned from his post after months of wrestling with Sidhu over power-sharing issues.

Earlier this week, Singh said he was forming a new political party, whose name and symbol will be shared once approved by the election commission.

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