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St. Louis City Councilor Offers $ 62.5 Million in Pandemic Relief Fund for South County

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri – St. Louis County Councilor Ernie Trakas has proposed a plan called “South Country Strong” to help those in District 6 who are negatively impacted by the pandemic.

This would give money to public works, infrastructure, physical and mental health services, as well as small businesses.

If passed, the legislation would take $ 62.5 million out of the South County American Rescue Plan Act funds.

About $ 15 million would go to help small businesses, $ 10 million would go to household assistance and children’s mental health services, $ 7.5 million would go to renovating swimming pools and playgrounds. tennis court at the Kennedy Recreation Center, $ 7.5 million would go to improving a local swimming pool, and $ 2.5 million would be used to create a sobering-up center.

Jake Dilley, of Comic Headquarters in Oakville, is open to funding.

“I mean business is good, but it can always be better,” Dilley said. “The main thing we suffer from is supply shortages. There is a shortage of plastic; there’s a shortage of paper, so the comics are delayed for a few weeks, or just indefinitely, and it hurts.

Across the street is another busy shopping center. Oakville Butcher Block fills the orders with the help of the owner’s son, Joey, but still feels the pain of supply chain shortages.

“Normally we have premium cuts here, but right now we can only afford to choose. So yeah, it affects us, ”said Joey Miller.

Miller also recognized labor shortages and declining wages to keep costs down.

“It would definitely help more employees, I’m sure, as we’re struggling to clean up here having just enough employees to come back and clean up,” Miller said.

Neighbors, On Pointe Dancewear, are also facing similar issues.

“It was really hard to fill those special orders and fill our shelves. Our shelves are nice and full now, but the dance season is back, ”said Samantha Murrell, Sales Associate at On Pointe Dancewear.

Murrell says the store would benefit from funds that would help fill the long overdue lack of lost revenue.

“They could have reached out more to support all of these small businesses because you know with the holiday season approaching, we don’t want to lose all of these small businesses,” she said.

The proposal will be put to the vote of the departmental council on November 9.

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