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Their new branch is dedicated to helping clients find the best candidates for all leadership roles, including CEOs, CFOs and COOs.

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The announcement coincides with the latest LinkedIn study, which found the median hiring process in 2021 to be 49 days, often longer for senior positions.

Scout Talent knows that this long downtime has significant drawbacks for companies of all sizes and in all industries, which is why they are especially proud to launch their new executive services.

Recruitment experts understand that internal recruitment processes place a heavy strain on key human resources and management personnel. Many paid hours are wasted from the initial phase of writing and placing advertisements, selecting candidate resumes to conducting interviews, follow-up interviews, reference checks, contract negotiation, etc.

Additionally, in a year that Harvard Business Review has called a “big resignation,” with turnover rates of over 30% overall, the lengthy and costly recruiting process doesn’t always match. a candidate who will stay for a long time.

As such, Scout Talent offers companies support every step of the way, from the critical first step of marketing to attracting candidates. Using their innovative, tailored digital advertising and headhunting software and strategies, recruiting experts promise their clients access to the most competitive and qualified pool of candidates.

From there, they pair their team of experts with their expert technology to efficiently and intelligently screen, screen, and select the talents that will be the best fit, both personally and professionally, for their clients.

Scout Talent has been a recognized name in recruiting for over 13 years and has successfully placed over 5,000 key employees for over 400 clients.

A spokesperson for the recruiting experts said, “With personalized, easy-to-use systems and the best support team you’ll work with, Scout Talent makes your life easier. If people are your top priority, then we are a proven solution and a true talent partner who works with you to meet your recruiting needs.

Scout Talent not only specializes in managerial positions, but also offers junior level positions to help young professionals enter the business world.

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