Come on Diwali and everyone starts thinking about investing in gold regardless of the price of the yellow metal. However, tech-savvy young people aged 25-35 prefer to invest in tech and gadgets and buy the latest smartphones, fitness watches, iPods, etc. for Diwali.

“Industry reports indicate that 72% of Indians plan to splurge on electronics and gadgets during the holiday season, 80% of which are Gen Z and Millennials,” says Kiran Bharadwaj, digital marketing expert and founder of a technology research company, adding, “Lockdown has witnessed a massive increase in the popularity of gadgets and gaming products. With brands offering young people the option to pay 70-90% through NDEs and e-commerce sites partnering with banks to offer additional discounts, rewards, and even free NDEs during Diwali, the purchase of coolest technology and gadgets has become much more affordable for the younger generation.

“Splurging on gadgets is more rewarding. For Diwali this year, I already booked a robot vacuum, which is way more useful than gold. After trying to juggle work and chores all the time. lock, I have decided that the fully automated robotic vacuum cleaner is the best buy for Diwali, ”says Sneha Goel, a 28-year-old computer scientist based in Pune.

Here are the most popular shopping options that tech-savvy young people are looking to take home during Diwali.

Smart phones

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With the latest smartphones on the market, young tech users can’t wait to get their hands on the latest models at Diwali sales. “One in two people who walk into our store want to buy the latest smartphones, and these are mostly young people between the ages of 24 and 30. Requests have increased by 80%. Many also buy from our website, ”says a sales manager at an electronics store.

Fitness equipment

connected watches.

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Retail stores and e-commerce sites are seeing an increase in orders for high-end and affordable branded fitness watches. “With no gyms I started running and badminton during the lockdown and now I’m addicted to both. It has become important for me to keep track of my levels of calories burned, metabolism, strength and heart rate. So I ordered a fitness watch. Since Diwali coincides with my birthday, it will be a special gift for me, ”Sujoy Banerjee, 24, from Kolkata.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones


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“The pandemic has seen a sharp increase in home parties, camping and road trips. And the experience is enhanced with the music. Young people living away from families will have house parties together on Diwali, which has resulted in increased speaker sales, ”says Sanjay Dubey, owner of an electronics and retail store, adding that wireless headphones are also in great demand.

Game consoles

Game console.

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The pandemic has seen massive growth in gambling and now young people want to take their love for it a step further. “For Dhanteras, a majority of them pre-ordered the latest game consoles, which resulted in a 50% increase in orders,” says a salesperson from another electronics store.

Mountable cameras and drones


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Since a large portion of the travel influencer and blogger community is made up of Gen Z and Millennials, demand for photography and videography tools has exploded during the holiday season, experts say. . “Young people love to capture moments for social media when traveling. Some of them are adventure junkies and photography enthusiasts, which is why they go the extra mile by splurging on portable or mountable cameras and drone cameras, ”says Suraj Bhopani, technical critic and researcher, adding that Diwali will see an increase in sales of these cameras. by 60 percent.

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