November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

Marc Jacobs picks up Bergdorf Goodman for after dark experience

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There is a classic fuzzy area episode where a customer finds himself locked in a department store after hours and discovers that all the models come to life. Here’s the twist: she’s actually a mannequin herself. Hmm… After a scary and surreal dinner at Bergdorf Goodman’s, I think I would definitely give up everything to become a Marc Jacobs model. They wear black and white striped cocoon-shaped quilted coats like those in Who are you Polly Maggoo? They have radically stylish khaki skirts over pants. Their mary-janes platform measures at least 10 inches. Oh yeah, and they’re great dancers. Right before dinner, the “models” we had admired and took selfies with turned out to be real people as they flowed and circled around the table.

It was just one of dozens of surprises in Jacobs’ perfectly fitted sleeve on Thursday night. The event, to mark the launch of Jacobs ‘exclusive fall 2021 collection at Bergdorf Goodman, started with a salesperson who handed me a flashlight on the floor of the black purse and encouraged me to’ snoop around “. (Apart from desires, I didn’t even steal a keychain!) Several guests used theirs to find secret envelopes, which, about two floors and ten audible gasps later, turned out to be cards of tarot read by an eclectic woman wearing a big black dress and even more body sequins. (My card, The Two Pentacles, encourages knowing one’s worth in financial matters.) Scarlett Envy hosted the evening in a scarlet sequin act that she performed on the same day while West Dakota put on two monumental performances, one on the floor of the shoe and one after dinner. Jacobs’ friends Chloë Sevigny, Debi Mazar, Anna Sui, Kim Petras, Ella Emhoff, Helena Christensen and Amelia Gray Hamlin got it all as the evening moved from a mysterious event to a straightforward fashion.

Linda Fargo from Bergdorf addressed the guests to say that Marc had captured the end of the night perfectly, Night at the museum BG’s feeling after dark, “No one before has ever captured this essence and made it happen. Let’s leave it to Marc, who gives us so many firsts; there are so many defining moments in the fashion arc where Marc changed the style narrative and took us forward in an unexpected new way. Oh, and one more thing! “I really want that striped puffer jacket!” Fargo clapped after his toast. Maybe that Linda wants to be a model Marc too? It’s a select bunch, incredibly well dressed and quite fun.

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