November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

Kogi bread vendors ask for spaces to sell products

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The president of the Bakers’ Association, Gabriel Adeniyi, called on the Kogi state government to reconsider its decision to kick the bread sellers out of their outlets in the metropolis of Lokoja.

This follows the directive from the state government that the fleets of Lokoja and surrounding areas must be moved to the Lokoja terminal park for transport operations.

As a result, roadside vendors were also ordered to relocate their outlets away from major roads in the state capital.

However, the president urged the government to allow bread vendors to remain in their outlets as their operations would not affect his policy in any way.

Adeniyi suggested that since their products “are staple foods and travelers generally consume bread for consumption, it is appropriate that the services of bread vendors are available.

He explained that his appeal to the government was made necessary because of “the recent event which shows that security men have been deployed in strategic areas like Ganaja and Nataco-Seriki Noman, Lokoja, where bread sellers have been driven out ”.

He said: “The buyers of our products are mainly travelers and the Ganaja junction, as well as Nataco / seriki noma, where the bread sellers are populated, are affected by the government decision.

“We call on the state government to relax its decision as this will place a heavy burden on bakers who are currently facing economic hardship prior to production.”

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