Passion often leads someone down the road to success, and their ability has the power to change luck. Kishanu Karmakar, Seasoned Digital Marketer from Jaipur – Rajasthan has proven that age is just a number, that true passion and determination is enough to be successful. Kishanu Karmakar was born on July 28, 1992 in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the Bengali-Hindu family. By profession, he is an Indian entrepreneur, blogger, social media expert, content creator, Indian author and founder of SNK Creation – Media Company. Driven by a desire for technology and innovation, the dynamic Kishanu Karmakar has reached the arrow of success with his talent. His expertise and years of research encouraged him to found SNK Creation, which has made him one of the top digital marketers in India. Many people know him as a Celebrity Social Manager, SEO Expert for Businesses, and his versatile personality makes him a more trustworthy digital entrepreneur in Jaipur. Follow on Facebook @ kishanu.karmakar

During an interview, Kishanu Karmakar was asked about his 11-year journey, during which he put more emphasis on things like learning and losing. He said success is not just about success, sometimes failure becomes the reason for success as well. Starting his career with blogging, he became a well-known Indian digital entrepreneur. Joining technology from an early age, it has grown into a premium brand in the industry with its politics, ideas, dedication and results. His achievements and work are praised by great pillars in the industry, many news and magazines have been mentioned about him. Understanding his traditional trade and business policies, Kishanu has also worked for renowned companies such as Google, Microsoft.

Change brings storms all the time, and so does digital marketing. Changing trends in business have made technology even more advanced. Due to his enthusiastic habits and quick wit, Kishanu Karmakar quickly became a model and notable personality in the business world. His expertise in digital branding, Google SEO, social media management, digital public relations, Google knowledge panel, Wikipedia creation, web development and enjoys writing on various topics and expressing his thoughts in blogs. He has helped many businesses, brands, celebrities, influencers, singers, politicians, actors, bloggers, doctors, startups and people around the world to improve their businesses and visibility online. Its vision does not stop there, its expansionist policy and objective have the courage to take it even further into the future.

Whatever status and recognition Kishanu Karmakar has achieved, he gives his credit to those who rejected him when he failed. The troubles did not end; and in 2013, Kishanu Karmakar started working on blogs seeing him as a future influence. And today his company is able to provide all types of digital marketing services all over the world. Never giving up, Kishanu Karmakar has reached the name of a successful digital marketer and Indian entrepreneur today, he is nothing less than an inspiration to others. Today there are millions of traffic to their social media and websites, and he also strives to teach others how to blog. Embracing change over time, Kishanu Karmakar has proven with his accomplishments that there has to be intention and dedication to achieve the goal. Today, Kishanu Karmakar is known as a dynamic entrepreneur and a brilliant expert in digital marketing.

As a creative digital marketer, he has proven himself in countless businesses, people and industries with his wisdom and experiences. His growing company – snk creation has so far made more than 2000 clients all over the world. Today his work has emerged as his identity at home and abroad. For more updates, you can follow him on Instagram @kishanukarmakar.

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