November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

In conversation with Mr. Chiranjit Deb

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The dynamics of the digital marketing industry are rapidly expanding beyond conventional methods such as advertising and influencer reach. As more businesses and consumption patterns evolve online, it has become imperative to stay on top of trends, discover new marketing strategies, and hack innovative tactics. With the emergence of AI-based technologies, the online space is becoming an evolving ecosystem where screen time earns money. As more and more people choose careers or businesses in the digital marketing industry, understanding what the future holds for them is crucial.

This conversation with digital marketing expert, a very prominent name in the industry, Chiranjit Deb, who has over 16 years of experience, shares her in-depth knowledge of effective advertising and growing engagement with customers. potentials. As a renowned advisor and consultant in the field of digital marketing, Chiranjit has helped leading brands like Amex, Maxnewyork life, Monster India, Dell, Samarth, Aviva life insurance, HDFC and many renowned private universities in India to come together. grow and grow in this cut. competitive throat market. He is a successful entrepreneur and team leader whose in-depth knowledge of team building, consumerism and the importance of integrity in business is something to experience.

Chiranjit believes the e-commerce and digital marketing industry is changing rapidly over the years, and with the move of small businesses online, the pandemic has only accelerated the process. He said: “The transformation of digital marketing is very common. In India, even high-end consumers and small businesses like a paan store are trying to secure a place in Google’s listings. People are also trying to build solutions websites as consumers increasingly shift to online spaces for informative data. In addition, marketing automation is also booming, which will prove to be crucial at this point. He added: “People are slowly understanding the value prepositions of digital marketing and how the internet can help them. It is the only solution for businesses, regardless of their size. “

Asked about the revolutionary impacts of AI-based technologies (like Alexa and Siri) that thrive on augmented reality, Chiranjit said, “It’s imperative to make sure that any content you list on Google should also show up when there is an entry from Alexa or Siri. These days, search engines like Google are more concerned with search relevance. It will only display content from sites that are relevant to the consumer’s research. This means that one should primarily focus on content optimization in addition to other strategies. Content is the only solution – content is king, especially structured and data-driven content mixed with the most appropriate and appropriate queries, will always rule the search engine rankings as well as the overall digital media. ”Previous approaches such as third-party link submissions, unnecessary flooding of content with hyperlinks or backlinks won’t work as well as they did a few years ago. The adaptation of AI and hundreds of data search query upgrades, especially with Google, have created a sophisticated digital landscape today, as ads play a bigger role today.

Chiranjit shared some important key factors to keep in mind when finding ideal clients. It shed light on consumer behavior in India and made an emotional connection with consumers. He said: “In India, people are motivated by the portfolios, the consumer reviews and the product outcome. ideal customers. Unfortunately, in India, people are afraid to experiment with new products without relying heavily on consumer feedback. The solution to this is to have an effective emotional branding where a small business connects with a buyer based on the buyer’s opinion. Sales expand exponentially over time. “

Chiranjit is one of the leading entrepreneurs who has propelled companies to a new horizon, from hiring the first group of employees to leading over 200 employees in operations. He believes that individual field units are crucial in building a team. He said, “The individual campaign units should include teams for content marketing, website development, social media management, public relations marketing and the conversion mechanism that will generate leads.” He added: “Every single project has guided me towards this.”

Asking for his opinion on the reasons why educational institutions should opt for digital media over traditional methods, Chiranjit strongly underlined the importance of access to information and education for all. . He explained, “Students should be made aware of upcoming career opportunities, scholarship availability and various other things that are not possible without digital media. When applying for universities, students can do research. fast on the track record, such as distinguished alumni, placement rate, university ranking, which will ultimately increase the credibility of the institution. “

Chiranjit shared his mantra for success. He humbly said that you should never stop learning. “Digital marketing is an area where the possibilities and learning opportunities are endless. Once you start experimenting you will be faced with many challenges, and after overcoming them you will again discover a new set of challenges. . It’s a never-ending process. ” added Chiranjit.

Asked about his message to budding entrepreneurs, Chiranjits said, “Young people should never try to be jack-of-all-trades; they should always try to master something. Otherwise, it leads to poor quality of work which inadvertently affects customer-employee relationships and tarnishes the brand. “

Chiranjit Deb is a leader whose visionary example is shaping the world of digital marketing. His tactics are invaluable to digital marketing aspirants.

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