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How Fordham Athletics Capitalizes on the Name, Image and Likeness of its Student-Athletes

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Bronx, NY – A sea change in the way student-athletes will benefit from their name, image and likeness (NIL) is taking place rapidly in college sports and Fordham Athletics is poised to take advantage of this new era of financial compensation for its student-athletes.

“Recent decisions on name, image and likeness and pending historical legislation do not advance at a time of uncertainty in our department,” said Ed kull, sports director at Fordham. “We have prepared ourselves to have our 523 student-athletes trained in financial literacy and, more importantly, we want them to develop a deep understanding of marketing and lucrative and intelligent self-promotion. “

June 30 marked the change when the three divisions of college athletics adopted a single policy that suspended NCAA rules on the NIL for incoming and current student-athletes. The interim policy came into effect on July 1 and acts as a stopgap until federal legislation is passed with uniformity for student-athletes nationwide.

Prior to these recent actions, Fordham Athletics was ready and prepared. Under Ed kullleadership of, the ministry has partnered with INFLCR, sports marketing expert Jeremy Darlow, and Altemus Team. Each partnership covers a unique aspect of NIL to keep our student-athletes equipped and able to capitalize on their own personal brands. The new interim policy allows all student-athletes and rookies to earn money through activities ranging from autographs to endorsements.

“There is a misconception that the student-athletes who will benefit from the name, image and likeness will largely come from schools with nationally recognized players. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Kull said.

Kull refers to the lesser-known trends in marketing fundamentals he is familiar with after working in the marketing industry for 14 years with the NFL, Body Armor, and VitaminWater, from its nascent phase to its IPO in 2007.

Some research indicates that women will benefit tremendously from NIL, and varsity athletes at any school can create and reach large audiences with social media posts for their followers. A single, high-value social media account could also net hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in sponsored content.

“Fordham is also unique in that it offers what’s known as the ‘New York Advantage’, something that only a few colleges can claim,” Kull said. “Fordham’s student-athletes perform in the media capital of the world. The central stage provides high-value visibility and New York City, as the backdrop for our athletes, is its own character in building a successful brand. “

The Fordham alumni community has been generous with their time and talents, acting as mentors for the student-athletes. NIL will continue to evolve: This is not a static change, “mentoring during the ever-changing novelty will be a business imperative,” Kull said.

Due to the myriad of legal nuances that NIL presents, Fordham Athletics offers pro bono legal advice to students as they embark on building their brands and in the corporate world, whether with drinks for sports or health and well-being, contract law will come into play.

Kull added: “The education and implementation of Name, Image and Likeness is well underway at Fordham. Our student-athletes will have a solid foundation and understanding to be empowered and confident. in selecting, pursuing and managing their name, image and likeness opportunities for today and long into the future as successful members of the Fordham community. ”

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