Tue 23 Nov 2021 5:35 PM

Some things have changed for good, however

By the University of Buffalo

This holiday season is expected to be strong in terms of spending and consumer confidence, according to Charles Lindsey, expert in retail marketing strategy, brands and consumer behavior at the University of Buffalo School of Management.

“While we will see shortages and stockouts, reports on the impact of supply chain issues are vastly exaggerated,” he said.

Lindsey recommends that consumers lock critical items on their lists early, especially if they are risk averse, but cautions that first-time buyers face the risk of overspending because the “pain of payment” is not as great.

Associate Professor of Marketing, Lindsey says some things that have changed in recent years are likely to stay put.

For example, the days of long lines and door-to-door in-store shopping are over for Thanksgiving. Consumer movements against store openings are part of it, according to Lindsey.

“The reality is that holiday spending has become so scattered with the Christmas creep and online options that a shutdown day has less of an impact than before,” he says. “Some stores will reopen for Thanksgiving, and shoppers still love to experience the holiday decorations and atmosphere, but we’re unlikely to see the heyday of those 4am lineups again.”

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