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Gabby Sidibe, who once had self-esteem issues, now displays a leaner body and her fiance responds

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Gabby Sidibe has a happy and healthy relationship with Brandon Frankel. In one of her recent posts, her proud fiance made sure to react to photos of her wearing a gorgeous flowy dress.

Gabby Sidibe is a busy woman promoting her new podcast titled “If I disappear, the witches did”. To promote her latest project, she was invited to “Good Morning America”, wearing a black and white flowing dress.

The actress shone overall white, highlighting her look with a pink blush and a hot pink lip. Sidibe fans and friends flocked to the comments section of her post to comment on her beauty and how beautiful she looked.

If there was one comment that stood out from the crowd, it would be that of her fiancé Brandon Frankel. While it’s short and sweet, the fact that he’s commented on several heart-eyed emojis speaks volumes about his admiration for Sidibe.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on May 6, 1983, Sidibe first rose to fame on “Precious”. Her mother, Alice Tan Ridley, is a former special education teacher who gave up her career to become a street artist and singer.

During this time, his father, Ibnou Sidibe, worked as a taxi driver. Her mother is of African American descent, while her father is Senegalese. Although they separated when she was young, she still grew up in New York City, especially Harlem.

Her first acting adventure began when she was in school, when she was always chosen for school plays. However, she had no interest in acting. All because she saw how her mother struggled as a street singer, and she wanted an education and a stable job that would keep her safe.


Sidibe has finished to chase a degree in psychology from Mercy College. While she was preparing for an exam, a friend called her to audition for “Precious” by Lee Daniels. Curious, she ended up auditioning and landed the title role of Claireece “Precious” Jones.

“Precious” was such a heavy movie, as it plays a sixteen year old teenage girl who is pregnant a second time after being raped by her father and suffering physical abuse from her mother. Even though it was dark, it ended up being a hit, becoming an inspiration to many.


The film also starred Mo’Nique and Mariah Carey, who received a lot of attention because of it. However, Sidibe directed the whole movie and it ultimately opened doors for him.

After receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for “Precious”, she went on to star in “Yelling to the Sky” and, more recently, in the hit series “Empire”. In 2017, she published a memoir called “This Is Just My Face”, where she talks about her mental health issues.


The actress has revealed that she has had weight loss surgery in the past and that she has had episodes of depression and bulimia. She admitted that therapy had worked so well for her, especially when she felt like her mother didn’t seem to care what she would talk about. She noted:

“When I first told her that I was depressed, she laughed at me. Literally. Not because she’s a terrible person, but because she thought it was a joke. could I not be able to feel better on my own, like her, like her friends, like normal people? “

The New Yorker shared that she was left alone, which led to panic attacks and an eating disorder that caused her to stop eating for days. In the end, because of her depression, she didn’t eat until she wanted to throw up. It was the only time she could distract herself from his thoughts.

Sidibe sought treatment for depression and bulimia, and to this day she continues to actively manage her mental health. She encouraged other depressed people to see a therapist as well, saying it was “worth it”.


In addition to working with a therapist, the actress also works with a nutritionist to make sure she is eating a healthy diet to properly manage her diabetes diagnosis. Again this year, she opened up about her eating disorder on an episode of “Peace of Mind with Taraji”, where she said bulimia was not just for “skinny girls.”

Taraji P. Henson opened the conversation by saying that people with depression and low self-esteem are more likely to be bulimic than anyone else. Sidibe agreed, explaining that she seen throwing up as the “button” to stop his depression and anxiety.

When the actress was still in school, she shared that she would always cry. Once she was crying so much that she felt she had to throw up. However, once she was done, her tear ducts dried up and she was no longer sweating.

In the end, she thought throwing up was finally the answer to what was happening. For her, it wasn’t about losing weight or controlling her appetite, but keeping herself from crying and controlling her emotions.

In the end, she realized that the situation was getting worse than before, which is why she decided to take control of her life and seek help. Besides seeking help, Sidibe now receives a lot of comfort, love and confidence from her boyfriend.

Frankel and the star of “Empire” have engaged in November 2020, and since then they have been constantly sharing photos of each other on Instagram. Frankel works as a branding and marketing expert, and they’ve been dating since 2019.

More than being a couple, the couple value being best friends more than anything. The star has spoken openly about their love on social media, saying she “learned a lot” about herself from Frankel.

Sidibe showed off her ring in a selfie with her fiance on Instagram, and it’s a gorgeous round cut diamond in white gold. Although they don’t have children together, they share a cat whom they consider to be their child.

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