November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

Expert advice for buying and selling a property

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Buying and selling your home can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. Experienced and Respected Real Estate Agent and Partner at McGrath North Canberra, Justin taylor, shares his best tips for buying and selling a property, in order to make a smooth sailing investment.


  • Talk to the bank or broker

Mr. Taylor’s first buying advice is to talk to the bank or broker to confirm what you can afford and get your pre-approval. If you are bidding on a property, you must have your pre-approval.

Make sure you have researched the areas you want to live in and check out as many websites as possible, as not everything is on one site.

“For example, it is important in the older suburbs around Canberra to check for termite infestations as there is a lot more risk than in newer suburbs, so really check the pest reports,” Mr. Taylor said. . “It’s also important to check unapproved structures. Things like decks and pergolas aren’t a big deal, but having approval for extended living spaces and swimming pools is important.

It is important to form a good knowledge base about quality homes and what is too expensive for a home. Attending as many private inspections as possible is a great way to gain this knowledge on your own.

When you find a property that you truly love, and that it stays within your budget, don’t be afraid to make a strong offer. Mr. Taylor said you’re not going to find a good deal in this market, and if you don’t make a strong bid, you just aren’t going to be successful.

“When it comes to bidding at an auction, if you set your maximum price limit and it looks like it’s going to hit it, try to land there before your opponent does. Whoever lands on that number will be the one who succeeds, ”he said. “Don’t stretch yourself beyond your limits though; don’t get carried away by emotion unless you have some reserved savings to tap into.


When selling, Mr. Taylor highly recommends the style of the property to prepare your home for sale.

“My partner Dimi and I use The Look Property Stylists, and if your house is vacant, we fully approve of you,” he said.

Minor touch-ups are the best way to add value to your property and get a return on your investment, according to Taylor. Get a new carpet, fresh paint, and make sure the house looks stylish.

Talking to two or three agents to find one that you think you work well with, in terms of personality and that you feel comfortable with, is one of Mr. Taylor’s best tips. He said the cheapest option is not always the best option.

Mr. Taylor believes in a strong marketing campaign to help sell your home.

“Don’t skimp on marketing! I recommend that a seller invest half a percent to one percent of the value of the property in a marketing campaign, ”he said.

According to Taylor, the best time of year to sell is the one for you! Sellers always think seasonally, and buyers are always out. However, try to avoid selling during Christmas-New Years as everyone is on vacation and there is usually a four to five week window when buyers have gone out.

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