Local affairs visionary R. Danny Williams described his lifelong friend Arnold ‘Junior’ Foote, advertising pioneer, athlete and diplomat, as an exceptional Jamaican who “just wanted to be the best in whatever endeavor he took. undertook and worked to this end. “

Williams delivered the remembrance at the Christian Burial for Life Mass for Foote, OJ, CD, JP on Tuesday, December 14, at Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Kingston. Only immediate family members were in attendance, with the service being broadcast live on YouTube.

Williams recalled that he and his late friend first met in 1946 at the age of 11, entering Jamaica College.

“We were put in the same shape and got to know each other quite well. He has always been a nice, warm, jovial and humorous person. No one could take a joke or tell a story the way they could, and his personality never changed in his life, ”Williams recalls.

He told the school that Foote’s popularity was influenced not only by his personality and humor, but also by his prowess as an outstanding athlete, who represented Jamaica College on the Manning Cup squad before. the age of 13. He also played football, cricket and hockey, and participated in track and field while in high school. He was also called up to the national football team as a goalkeeper and proved to be an exceptional player.

Williams recalled that he and Foote would repeat the following longtime joke about their time at school, although there is no evidence as to the correct version. “I won’t say much about his studies at school, because as I always teased, Junior was the only person who could copy over me and end up with a higher mark, having corrected a mistake I had. committed. Nonetheless, he passed the Senior Cambridge and graduated, ”Williams recalled.

Foote started his own ad agency, Advertising & Marketing – now called Admark – before the age of 30. He is credited with creating one of GraceKennedy’s most popular advertising campaigns with the famous slogan: “What a great way Grace taste”.

One of Foote’s greatest accomplishments has been as a member of the consular corps. Appointed Turkish consular in Jamaica, he quickly became the dean of the local consular corps, before distinguishing himself as the first Jamaican to be elected president of the World Federation of Consuls. Under his leadership, he transformed the global organization to include all regions of the world. The international impact of his presidency saw him be invited to the House of Lords in the United Kingdom, and he made a presentation to Pope Benedict.

“He was a man of great faith, a man of integrity and honesty, a man of his word, a wonderful host, a true patriot and a true friend,” said Williams.

His granddaughter Arnella Goubault and son ‘JJ’ also paid tribute to Foote, who said his father faced situations that threatened to hold him back. “But his strength of character and focus helped him succeed, growing stronger to become a larger-than-life public figure,” JJ said.

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