November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

5 expert tips to grow your business with podcasting

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Could a podcast be your next marketing breakthrough? For Freddy Rashid, it certainly was. He is the founder of the world’s first hemp-based CBD company and creator of “Green Talk Radio by Green Care Solutions”, which reaches over 5 million listeners every quarter!

“Green Talk Radio” was originally created to educate people about CBD and its wide range of uses, including the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, stress-related issues, pain, and pain. childhood epilepsy. The podcast, however, has become a platform to host in-depth interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs and high-profile intellectuals from all walks of life.

“At the beginning, we had no marketing. By learning to position ourselves and using different media, including the Green Talk podcast, our marketing campaigns have grown astronomically. ”

Staying one step ahead has been a strong point of Rashid from the start. Her father instilled in her an impeccable work ethic and her keen curiosity for advancing her skills has proven to be extremely fruitful.

Without an engaged and curious audience, no product will sell, regardless of its quality. Green conference by Ecological care solutions has quickly grown into one of the most downloaded and listened to podcasts in their niche. Remarkably, in his very first season, Rashid noticed an increase in sales within hours of the show’s release each week.

Leveraging a podcast could be your next marketing hack to reach thousands and thousands of people around the world. Here are Rashid’s top 5 tips for growing your business with a podcast:

1. Divide your podcast into seasons

Keeping your educational content, interviews and spontaneous conversations in Seasons enables targeted consumption by an audience and provides an intentional funnel for specific products for sale during that season. This helps to avoid overloading your audience and can streamline your business’s back-end operations to increase sales, improve your targeted ad campaigns, and create more prolific content in each season.

2. Engage celebrities, athletes and influencers in line with this season

Work closely each season with celebrities and influences whose audiences are curious about the show’s specific content, guests and conversations. After each live episode, celebrities are encouraged to share the show through their audience on social media, promote product giveaways, and post images and videos of themselves using the products to generate downloads. and, therefore, product sales. “In the 24 hour period of the show airing a new episode and celebrities sharing our products on their Instagram, our sales jumped 41.2%,” explained Freddy.

3. Seasonal sponsor and annual sponsors

Attracting sponsors who can promote your show to their audiences in return for thanks and recommendations has proven to be lucrative for Green Talk Radio. The company has partnered with some of America’s largest radio networks, such as iHeart Radio and NBC Radio, which have significantly expanded their network and influence, helping to generate 5 million listeners worldwide each quarter. The impact of each share on social networks, blogs or their own podcast increases listeners.

One of the main sources of their massive sponsorship announcements is from GCS Media, a media marketing company that Freddy started for other brands looking to thrive in elite marketing. He uses the podcast as a platform to showcase the companies and entrepreneurs he works with using proven methods with Green Care Solution.

4. Partnership with Amazon

Taking advantage of the huge influx of traffic Green Care Solutions is attracting through their podcast, affiliating with Amazon was a smart business decision. It was instrumental in further monetizing their traffic after each episode aired, with the ability to earn up to an additional 12% on each purchase made through the specific links provided by Amazon.

5. Hire the right team and turn them into a family

True to the age-old adage “teamwork makes dream work”, Green Talk Radio places paramount importance in bringing its team together for a combined effort towards their common goal of educating their listeners and maximizing their positive contribution in the world. The team should be the centerpiece of any business, and this is where the greatest opportunity to grow the business lies. Rashid believes that an opportunity awaits every person he hires, and he aims to foster the path of growth for every employee.

What’s the next step for green skincare solutions?

The Green Care Solutions app is due to launch in early 2022 and will be “the hub” for everything related to cannabis, hemp, CBD and the community which is “Green Talk Radio”. A place to listen to the podcast, find retail stores, shop for products, immerse yourself in education, enjoy 24-hour live chat, participate in monthly giveaways, and connect with other members from the community. “With the general rise in retail prices in the United States and the therapeutic uses of each of the products offered by GCS being critical in today’s climate, we are reading our community and our customers. A point accumulation system will be deployed with the app not only to thank our customers for their loyalty, but also to help them save money. ensure continued growth. You will succeed.

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